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March 8, 2018

Embedded world 2018:

Onto the front page of the trade show’s official daily with our 3D live system

Numerous interesting encounters on the 75 sq m presentation area for cutting-edge embedded electronics made by Solectrix, a technical lecture at the embedded world Conference about “Image compression with a System-on-a-Chip”, and an article on the front page of the trade show’s official daily – that’s the résumé of a successful participation in embedded world 2018!

Once again, thousands of visitors flocked to the leading international trade show for embedded electronics. Solectrix wooed the interested trade professionals with live presentations, exhibits, and 3d films dealing with topics like Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) operation of automotive camera systems, agile software development showcased within a digital mirror replacement project, the next level of our automotive image data grabbing system and the latest innovations in the medical field.

The new high-performance image data grabbing system enables the lossless recording, processing, and temporally exact 1:1 playback of CSI-2 data streams of any complexity from modern image sensors via FPD-Link III or GMSL. Alongside Creative Instruments, Solectrix presented the interdisciplinary co-operation EVOMET (Evolution of Medical Technologies) and the joint development of a new OEM device for molecular diagnostics with a highly sensitive detection system and innovative high-precision temperature control technology. For the first time, Solectrix offered an opportunity to try an integrated low-latency 3D live system, consisting of a “sinaCAM” 3D camera system by Solectrix and a glasses-free 3D display by SeeFront. The ultra-compact high-end image processing system, where the entire image processing chain is implemented in a single electronic part, making it perfectly suitable for use in high-end technology areas of the medical field, robotics, and sophisticated CCTV technology, didn’t just attract the visitors’ attention, it also ended up on the front page of the trade show official daily.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our successful trade show appearance and of course also to those who took the time to visit our booth! In accordance with our motif “embedding your interests” we are looking forward to a successful continued or all new collaboration and to seeing you again at embedded world 2019!