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Creative Embedded Solutions for Your Vision of Modern Industry

The digital transformation that comes with Industry 4.0 and the Internet of Things (IoT) presents many companies with great challenges. Innovative product ideas and efficient production processes require increasingly complex electronic systems.

We have been a strong and reliable development partner for the industry since 2005, creating high-quality customer-specific solutions that hit the spot with their harmonious interplay of functional hardware, perfectly fitting firmware and modular software. With us at your side, you will turn the challenge of digitalization into your greatest opportunity.

What We Can Do

We are at home in the wide field of industrial electronics applications. We use our cross-sector expertise to develop smart solutions for the most varied of seminal devices and machines. Our customers, ranging from start-ups to large corporations, value our professional skills and our experience, but also our ability to handle the development of highly complex electronics and our customer orientation. We internalize your vision and we pull out all the stops to realize it according to your ideas.

What We Are Working On

We develop and manufacture customized embedded electronics for you, from with modules and carrier boards compliant with standard form factors, to motor controllers, and up to demanding measurement and control systems or laser scanners and controllers that are safety relevant and that must adhere to strict requirements regarding precision and reliability. You will find our solutions in areas such as:

  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Motor control
  • Aerospace
  • Automation
  • Measurement and control systems
  • Manufacturing and product engineering

How We Work

We are always focused on your needs. We use state-of-the-art technology to implement your vision efficiently and in a high-quality way, platform-based and certifiable. We work with you hand in hand based on professional project and process management with agile development methods and taking into account your time-to-market factor. Transparency and candor are as important to us as timeliness and flexibility.

What We Offer

We aid and advise you through the entire product life, from consulting and conceptualization, product or system development, production and certification up to lifecycle management and support. Benefit from our hardware expertise and lab experience and see relief in exactly those tasks where you require support. Because we devise a collaborative cooperation in a modular way.

We create programmable electronic sub-systems and embed them in your application. In this, we adjust the electronics, mechanic and software design to your environmental factors and develop in a perfectly fitted and time-to-market oriented way taking into account your requirements regarding reliability, long-term availability and serviceability in the product lifecycle. Our solutions include highly integrated electronics and high-speed microprocessor assemblies with complex user interfaces and programmable logic. We provide you with suitable firmware and facilitate the connection to your operating system.

Depending on your wishes, we work according to the high quality standards of our own QM manual or in compliance with your guidelines. We support you during certification of your final product through standardized concepts, development and documentation. In this we follow the required norms (IPC, IEC, et al.), conformities (UL, RoHS, et al.) and utilized standards like, e.g., PCIe®, SMARC™ or COM Express®. We also implement testing solutions with the respective documentation for you.

Through our own production company Solectrix Systems we are able to offer you professional production small series production services. Individual testing concepts ensure product quality and take care of documentation needs. Or we support you up to the transfer to your own series production.


From a schematic to a fully realized PCB, we offer all services regarding hardware design. Depending on your wishes we cover design, layout, verification and even small series production of your product idea. Our experience ranges from simple I/O adapter boards to powerful control units for complex modular industrial systems with state-of-the-art processors and microcontrollers. We develop according to the V model or in an agile, customer-oriented way.


Our core competencies include the implementaton of analog and digital interfaces, high-speed data lines, power supplies, and actuators. No matter how complex the design ideas of our customers may be, so far we’ve always managed to realize them; often even with award-winning results. Generally, for each project we ensure the signal and power integrity and the EMC/EMI compatibility, including in cases of high-speed applications that can be challenging in that respect. Depending on the premise of your project and the resulting focus, we optimize our designs depending on your individual use case according to criteria as these:

  • High density
  • Low power
  • Low cost
  • Difficult environmental conditions
  • Long-term availability

The art of this is the ability to realize the sum of all individual requirements in an ideal balance.

Rapid Prototyping Done Right

During the development process we work closely with the material procurement and production divisions, the testing site, and quality control. Through an ideally coordinated working method we achieve very short throughput times in prototype and pilot production. In the process we keep an eye on your final application from the start. We conceptualize each step of the development process in a systemic way. From the first project day on we choose suitable components based on technical aspects like available space, temperature range or power consumption, long-term availability and cost/benefit aspects. This way, we are able to realize prototypes and A-samples that are so far advanced that their failure rate is under 5 %.

Our Tools

We use software from Siemens/Mentor Graphics (DxDesigner™, PADS®, HyperLynx®, Xpedition™) and Altium Designer® as primary development tools with our own library. Beyond that we know our way around further tools like Cadence OrCAD®, Autodesk/CadSoft EAGLE or Pulsonix and have the respective import and export capabilities. We can adopt designs created with these tools when working within the customer’s system (license and library). We get reliable results with the verification of newly developed hardware features through the use of numerous high-quality measuring instruments, including a high-speed oscilloscope, a spectrum and protocol analyzer, HF antennas, and our own temperature chamber.

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