Smart eXtensible Vision Processing Unit

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SXVPU – Smart eXtensible Vision Processing Unit

The intelligent solution for embedded vision applications in industrial vehicle technology.

SXVPU is an industrial image processing platform that efficiently handles high-resolution video streams up to 4K in real-time, overcoming challenges such as object recognition and integration of machine learning.

With its specialized hardware architecture and support for multiple cameras and sensors, SXVPU is designed to directly use precise image data from the sensor and efficiently process it through either AI or conventional algorithms before compressing and transmitting the data over Ethernet to other system components.

The result is a perfect solution for viewing and vision applications in mobile automation.


  • Flexibility, adaptability, robustness
  • 24/7 safeguarded operation
  • Low latency
  • H.264/H.265 codec up to 4K video streaming via Ethernet
  • Scalability with seamless integration of neural networks
  • High performance and efficiency in processing visual data

Application Examples:

  • Automation
  • Monitoring of construction sites and work environments
  • Collision avoidance systems
  • Machine control

Here, we leverage our extensive experience with proven vision components from Solectrix when working on topics related to classical image processing applications. These components serve as the foundation for evaluation platforms for image processing systems, as they offer interchangeable SMARC-based system cores, a slot for camera adapters from Solectrix’s proFRAME 3.0 product range, and a versatile equipped carrier board. Additionally, they form the basis for our innovation work around SXVPU, allowing us to develop highly flexible and customized image processing systems.

SXVPU – Modular Approach for Ample Flexibility

System Performance

  • High computing power and efficiency of up to 10 TOPS per watt
  • H.264 / H.265 codec for up to 4K video streaming
  • Low latency for real-time processing of video streams

Customizable HW

  • Flexibility on all interfaces for various environments
  • Scalable processing & versatile hardware acceleration
  • Easy configuration and simplified system integration

Expandable SW

  • Seamless integration of neural networks and ML models
  • Fast and efficient development with Linux OS
  • Support for common frameworks and industry standard

Intelligent Apps

  • Optimized for processing data from various sensors
  • High flexibility in the integration of neural networks
  • Tailored processing for industrial vehicle applications