• Handheld Mobile Devices

Anywhere – anytime – powerful

They are the gateway to numerous services and new opportunities: mobile devices. Whether nurse or doctor, salesperson or manager, in a professional or private environment, powerful handhelds support their users efficiently, reliably and, above all, regardless of location. In keeping with their purpose, the portable computers are compact, light, energy-efficient, ergonomic and robust. And of course they combine a good user experience with a wide range of functions.

In order to successfully design and implement mobile devices under these premises, a balanced relationship between functionality, energy efficiency and user-friendliness is required. We have the know-how, the processes and the many years of experience to successfully design, develop, certify and manufacture your mobile device.

Application Purpose and Customer Focus

For the successful development of a mobile device it is essential to consider the intended purpose. Therefore we first analyze and define the exact requirements of your product idea together with you. Based on a fine-tuned catalog of requirements, we start the custom development of your portable device with the definition of a well-balanced product concept that incorporates the basic functions and properties that are essential for you.

Our goal: to combine your desired functions and design features with the best possible user experience, thus guaranteeing comfortable use even in difficult environments.

We use our knowledge and experience in all phases of the development process to optimally implement your ideas. We realize individually developed hardware, the matching software and the appropriate device design tailored to your specifications. With the costs and time frame of the project firmly in mind, we always develop efficiently and optimized for time to market.

User Experience

Without a mouse or keyboard, the operating concept for portable devices focuses on the experience of fingers and eyes. We therefore place great demands on the selection of suitable screens: all text must be displayed in a legible manner. Photos, graphics and videos must be reliably visible in a wide variety of lighting conditions. Depending on the area of application, this necessitates – whether indoors or outdoors, whether at night or in bright sunshine – ensuring a constant viewing quality.

An intuitive operating concept via touch screen is essential. With changing external conditions, touching and wiping movements must work reliably in both dry and wet environments. Depending on the field of application, support for operation with bare or gloved fingers is required.

Technology and Functionality

We develop mobile devices with a simple structure and a clear design. Each device is made for a unique purpose, possibly to collect environmental criteria or to communicate with a cloud infrastructure. For the device to optimally fulfil its intended use, it must provide the right periphery and the appropriate interfaces. All of this has to be seamlessly integrated into an overall system electrically, mechanically and with the supporting software.

Given the miniature size of a mobile device and the need to minimize its weight, the integration level of the components is crucial. In order to achieve optimal system integration with low power consumption and long supply chain availability, we work with the latest technologies and components.

We integrate selected peripheral components for wireless communication via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth® or BLE. We also integrate components for satellite-based positioning based on GPS / GLONASS if required. If necessary, we can add wired interfaces such as a USB Host or Ethernet to your portable device. For the self-developed design, we implement a coordinated board support package based on Linux® and Android™.

Energy Efficiency

The majority of mobile devices in use are battery operated. Oversized batteries can make the device bigger, heavier and more expensive. Batteries that are too small can result in system runtime requirements not being met.

We determine the optimal battery size of your mobile device based on a clearly defined usage profile in terms of type, scope and duration of use, for example for an 8-hour working day, and adapt the entire electronics and software development to the respective energy efficiency levels. We select a suitable power supply unit for charging or implement it via USB or wireless charging – all according to your wishes and specifications.


Portable electronic devices are particularly exposed to shock, vibration, dirt, dust, extreme temperatures and moisture. In order to withstand these challenges, we attach great importance to the selection of the individual materials and components, the design of the housing, and the construction.

All of the components we use are robust, suitable for long-term use in demanding environments and available long-term. The “look and feel” of our housings are kept appealingly modern and as far as possible without dirt edges, bumps and depressions to enable easy cleaning. Our housing concepts are also characterized by a high degree of flexibility.

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