Rapid Imaging Prototyping System

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Rapid Imaging Prototyping System

SXIVE (Simplified eXtensive Image and Video Engine) is a comprehensive image processing ecosystem consisting of the actual image processing software, a frame grabber board, hardware accelerators, and a variety of apps and plugins. It enables image processing professionals to practice rapid prototyping as well as real-time processing and analysis of images and video streams. With its flexible architecture, SXIVE can be tailored to the requirements of any imaging project and it makes it possible to replace hardware components or implement new requirements over the course of the project without having to change the development environment.

SXIVE quick facts:

  • Instant prototyping & development
  • Sensor & ISP evaluation
  • Modular reference platform
  • Test-drive ready
  • Suitable for acceptance tests

SXIVE System Components

Frame Grabber, e.g., proFRAME

  • Generic frontend for GMSL2/3, FPD-Link III/IV
  • Up to 8 interfaces
  • Capture raw video data
  • Up to 32 Gbit/s video transmission
  • PoC (Power over Coax)


  • RTX
  • Jetson
  • FPGA
  • CUDA
  • TensorRT

Video Engine

  • Sensor integration
  • Alternate image sources
  • SoftISP
    • Multi-stream output
    • GUI & API
    • Dynamic configuration
    • Plugin architecture

Apps & Plugins

  • AI pre-processing
  • Visualization
  • Video analytics
  • Recording
  • Custom prototyping applications
  • Streaming

Customized Image Processing Solution

  • Halide-based software solution for a customized high-performance ISP that increases image quality, reduces noise and improves sharpness.
  • Up to 8 cameras in parallel, real-time capable with additional GPU acceleration, latency times under 5 ms possible
  • ISP written in C++, supporting many target architectures
    • x86, ARM, CUDA, OpenCL, Hexagon, …
  • Many Solectrix image processing modules to choose from
    • Every module can be adapted to your needs
  • Recording system for raw and processed image sensor data
  • Customized video stream interfaces
  • Seamless integration into your existing workflows

Created by us for you according to your specifications –
created by yourself with our powerful ISP SDK!

SoftISP SDK – Image Signal Processing Toolkit

  • Custom image enhancement algorithms for even more control over the image processing pipeline. Design your own ISP or use standalone image algorithms!
  • The ISP SDK can be adapted to different imagers and lenses in no time.
  • Rich collection of usage examples making it easy to get started with the software.
  • Numerous output modules that can be integrated into common image processing tools such as gstreamer, ffmpeg, opencv, or a GUI.
  • The ISP SDK is a closed source C++ library that provides optimized image processing algorithms for high-quality results. It comes as a Debian package for easy installation and management of the SDK.
  • CMake integration makes it easy to build and configure your project.
  • Visual Studio Code based development environment

Calibration SDK – Coming soon!

  • Correction of the incoming image regarding color, lens distortion and lens shading to produce a flawless picture.
  • Automated operation: The SXIVE Calibration SDK streamlines the calibration process, making it intuitive and accessible to users of all levels of expertise. With the SDK’s user-friendly interface, calibration becomes a one-click operation, eliminating the complexities typically associated with image reconstruction and calibration and enabling users to save valuable time and resources.
  • Seamless compatibility: Combined with the SXIVE SoftISP SDK’s exceptional flexibility, the SXIVE Calibration SDK ensures compatibility with a vast array of image sensors.
  • C++ library integration: For an individual approach, a C++ library for program-controlled calibration is available. This offers maximum flexibility and seamless integration into existing tools.
  • Can also be used with other existing ISPs without the SoftISP SDK.

SXIVE Bundles for a Quick Start

SXIVE Bundle LT – The light, space-saving model

For an even quicker development start: The SXIVE Bundle LT is a fully pre-configured and tested plug & play system.

  • Based on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin platform
  • 12-core 64-bit ARM v8.2 CPU
  • 2048-core Ampere GPU
  • Enough resources for modern image processing tasks
  • Standard CUDA capabilities
  • Standard connectors (Ethernet, USB, HDMI, etc.)
  • Small form factor is ideal for, e.g., in-car installation
  • proFRAME frame grabber module
  • Full Linux development environment

SXIVE Bundle HP – The high-performance model

When you require a lot of processing power in the prototyping phase, the SXIVE Bundle HP is the way to go.

  • Full-blown HPC system for complex image processing evaluation platforms with multi-camera and ISP setups
  • Intel Core i7-11700 CPU
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU
    • Supports up to 10k CUDA cores for AI computing
  • Supports up to 8K resolution
  • 4 lockable SSD trays
  • proFRAME frame grabber module
  • Full Linux development environment

SXIVE Case Studies

SXIVE is already being used in numerous projects. Here are a few examples how we were able to help our customers tackle very specific challenges:

Development of a deterministic and high-quality image processing solution for autonomous driving where a high level of expertise in image processing was required.

Car Tier 1

Taking into account the down-stream image evaluation via neural networks, the ISP tuning was performed directly in the vehicle and the required reference applications and algorithmic steps were implemented for the customer.

Many sensor manufacturers have trouble quickly and easily demonstrating their new sensors with all their features to their customers and implementing them in their projects. Evaluation boards can only help to a limited degree because very flexible prototypes are needed very quickly.

Sensor OEM

With SXIVE, Solectrix offers a Rapid Imaging Prototyping System that makes it possible to quickly put new sensors into operation and deploy them in (series) projects.

The customer has trouble with the image processing of his existing parking systems in certain light conditions. An effective and high-quality solution for image processing on the same GPU that’s being used for the image recognition algorithms is required

Car Tier 1

Solectrix showed the customer how the performance with the SXIVE Soft ISP differs from the present solution. Not only did it solve the existing problem, the performance regarding resource use on the GPU was remarkable, so the customer decided to use SXIVE.

The customer is using cameras on a vehicle, but in various light conditions there are multiple disturbing effects in the image.

Truck OEM

Comparing the present systems with the SXIVE Soft ISP, Solectrix was able to show the customer a decisive improvement in image quality. The solution was quickly implemented and improved the image processing during live operation.

The customer requires a solution for continuous surveillance and recording of environmental and traffic conditions in certain locations.

Car Tier 1

Building on the SXIVE LT Bundle, Solectrix quickly set up a first prototype for evaluation purposes that can be switched to the larger HP Bundle if required, covering all requirements regarding data processing and transfer.

The customer requires a high-performance ISP with low latency to evaluate cameras on remote-controlled vehicles in real time.

Truck OEM

SXIVE was evaluated by the customer and found superior to existing solutions. Thus, our solution was implemented and is now providing improved image quality in real time.
Furthermore, some customer-specific features were implemented, providing additional value.

A car supplier needs processing and recording of images in real time in a lab or directly in a vehicle.

Car Tier 1

Using the SXIVE HP Bundle, we achieved reliable processing and recording of data by adapting the system exactly to the sensor used, the camera and the overall setup.

The customer needs the option to use software libraries and programming interfaces for the configuration of parameters of the ISP and the connected camera so that he can tune the image quality in real time.

Car Tier 1

With the SXIVE SDK he was able to establish his own image quality tuning workflow.

The customer wants to introduce a new type of image sensor (RGB-NIR) in the context of two series projects. For a relatively long time during series development, the degree of maturity of the control units that are being developed does not allow for processing of the sensor images, yet these are urgently required for risk protection and for development purposes for other involved suppliers, who build on the processing of the sensor images.


The customer is able to bridge the critical time frame with a reference system based on the SXIVE Soft ISP. The new type of image sensor can thus be evaluated timely and suppliers dependent on the sensor image can be provided with the required video material in time.

For the development of a new camera in the automotive field, a customer requires an individually customized ISP (image signal processor) for adaptation to the specific setup using existing modules and dedicated new developments.

Car Tier-1

For the sake of gathering initial experience with the sensor and the necessary algorithms and building know-how for later phases of the projects, the SXIVE soft ISP is used in the first phase of the project. The goal is to work with the sensor from the start and to implement and evaluate the necessary algorithms directly based on a live image. Furthermore, this enables the detection of potential risks for a later porting.

For production automation in a lab environment, a customer requires a quick and simple solution for evaluating a new system approach early. Various types of vessels are to be recognized and analyzed.

Lab Automation

To get one step closer to the solution on the image algorithm level, the SXIVE Rapid Imaging Prototyping System is employed. The use of SXIVE enables testing of various cameras and system approaches to detect potential problems and special cases and to asses them. The flexible adaptability of the image processing makes it possible to draw first conclusions about possibly needed further adjustments to the system right at the start of the project.