Rapid Imaging Prototyping System

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Rapid Imaging Prototyping System

  • Enables a quick start of the prototyping phase
  • Functional and configurable demonstrator from day 1
  • Evaluate sensor, image signal processing (ISP) chain and other demanding image processing algorithms
  • Serves as bridge between prototype and series
  • Suitable for acceptance tests
  • Model-in-the-loop capability
  • In-car installation possible, e.g., for test drives

SXIVE System Components

Frame Grabber, e.g., proFRAME

  • Generic frontend for GMSL2/3, FPD-Link III/IV
  • Up to 8 interfaces
  • Capture raw video data
  • Up to 32 Gbit/s video transmission
  • PoC (Power over Coax)


  • RTX
  • Jetson
  • FPGA
  • CUDA
  • TensorRT

Video Engine

  • Sensor integration
  • Alternate image sources
  • Soft ISP
    • Multi-stream output
    • GUI & API
    • Dynamic configuration
    • Plugin architecture

Apps & Plugins

  • AI pre-processing
  • Visualization
  • Video analytics
  • Recording
  • Custom prototyping applications
  • Streaming

Build the Perfect Customized Soft ISP for Your Project

Let us support you in designing the most suitable ISP using our toolset!

  • Halide-based software solution for a customized high-performance ISP
  • Real-time capable with additional GPU acceleration
  • ISP written in C++, supporting many target architectures
    • x86, ARM, CUDA, OpenCL, Hexagon, …
  • Many Solectrix image processing modules to choose from
    • Every module can be adapted to your needs
  • Recording system for raw and processed image sensor data
  • Customized video stream interfaces

SXIVE Bundle LT – The light, space-saving model

For an even quicker development start: The SXIVE Bundle LT is a fully pre-configured and tested plug & play system.

  • Based on the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier Dev Kit
  • 8-core 64-bit ARM v8.2 CPU
  • 512-core Volta GPU
  • Enough resources for modern image processing tasks
  • Standard CUDA capabilities
  • Standard connectors (Ethernet, USB, HDMI, etc.)
  • Small form factor is ideal for, e.g., in-car installation
  • proFRAME frame grabber module
  • Full Linux development environment

SXIVE Bundle HP – The high-performance model

When you require a lot of processing power in the prototyping phase, the SXIVE Bundle HP is the way to go.

  • Full-blown HPC system for complex image processing evaluation platforms with multi-camera and ISP setups
  • Intel Core i7-11700 CPU
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 Ti GPU
    • Supports up to 10k CUDA cores for AI computing
  • Supports up to 8K resolution
  • 4 lockable SSD trays
  • proFRAME frame grabber module
  • Full Linux development environment