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No Hardware Challenge Is Too Complex for Us!

Your product innovation requires a novel high-speed solution and demands a sophisticated combination of multiple functionalities in a narrow space? It has to be absolutely precise and reliable while working in difficult environmental conditions? Then you have found us at the end of your search for a top-performing development service provider. We design high-end components for your product that fit and work perfectly even when faced with the highest demands.

With over 15 years of experience in hardware development for various state-of-the-art technologies, our interdisciplinary team of experts and excellent hardware designers, we turn your vision into reality together.

High-End in the Embedded Sector Is a Balancing Act

When designing hardware for embedded systems, choosing a powerful CPU or FPGA is never the whole answer to the performance question. The underlying requirements often conflict with the limited space and power available in an embedded environment. In addition, standard requirements such as EMC/EMI pose a far greater challenge when dealing with high-speed signals in a confined space.

Benefit from our experience in mastering this balancing act through balanced hardware design and customized cooling solutions. A prime example for convincing results in the face of high demands is our work on high-end digital cameras. Other examples would be our officially awarded contributions to customer projects.

Pushing the Limits

Sometimes it is not enough to simply select the appropriate standard component to achieve your project goals. Maybe you need to design and implement a new type of interface to meet the high demands of data throughput, latency, synchronization, functional security or supported cable length? This is where our expertise in high-end hardware combined with our extensive experience with FPGAs really shines. We have the know-how to take your project beyond the standard, and the high-quality measurement instruments to verify the results, including a high-speed oscilloscope and a spectrum and protocol analyzer.

Facing the Toughest Conditions

We pay particular attention to the ruggedness of our products and systems because our customers always expect impeccable and reliable results. Whether it is in extremely low temperatures near glaciers or in the hot and humid climate of the jungle, our developments provide full power even under the toughest conditions.

Charred remains of an ARRI camera with digital core by Solectrix. The electronics still worked after being salvaged from under debris and ash after a devastating fire.