• Feel-Good Climate and Benefits

Your Physical Well-Being Is Taken Care Of

Whether they’re caffeine junkies or hobby baristas, the people here like to meet at the coffee bar for a chat. A popular topic alongside business talks and private matters: the upcoming lunch menu in the bistro. Maybe crispy tarte flambée with pear slices, grilled chicken breast fillet or fried roast beef? Hardly anyone can resist the art of our chef here. And in the summer, every Wednesday our cook declares: The grill is stoked!

We provide fresh fruit every day for the extra vitamin boost. If your head is spinning and in urgent need of „nerve food“, there is always something sweet to find. And free beverages are another common courtesy for us.

In Shape at the Office

We are doing our utmost to make varied in-house offers to strengthen mental and physical health. We organize lectures, measurements and trainings on topics such as back pain, stress management, mobility and much more. The commitment we show has even been honored.

If someone next to you suddenly slips into his sports clothes and disappears into our leisure room, then it is probably time for the weekly fascia training. If you want, you can increase your flexibility and counteract painful muscle tension under professional guidance.

We also pay attention to ergonomic workplaces and provide a standing table in case of health problems.

Sports & Fun

We work hard. But sports and fun are never neglected!

Whether running, skiing or triathlon, sports enthusiasts (almost) always find like-minded fellows with us. Self-organized leisure groups and team events keep us fit and weld together.

And of course a passionate table-soccer round during lunch break is just as much a part of our company life as partying! A successfully completed project, an award for our performance? We celebrate success together! As well as Christmas, company anniversaries, the summer …

Thirst for Knowledge and Lateral Thinking

We are experts in our field, always hungry for new knowledge and methods and always curious to see the bigger picture of our own field. State-of-the-art is never enough for us. For our customers we think ahead and outside the box.

We see ourselves as a team that pulls together. What does that mean for us? We communicate with each other on an equal footing, from interns to managing directors. We maintain trusting and appreciative dealings. Everyone knows their task and respects each other’s tasks. We give the direction and leave you space for self-determined work. There are flat hierarchies and an open-office attitude – wherever there are doors.

A Creative Working Environment

Our new company building offers you a creative work environment with modern workplaces, a new test laboratory, its own production area and plenty of parking spaces.

In the spirit of a free exchange of ideas, the rooms are largely open. Cozy sitting areas offer themselves as a retreat or a spontaneous communication island.

Individual Offers and Work-Life Balance

We see a healthy balance between work and leisure as an important prerequisite for a powerful and motivated team. That is why we not only have flextime, but also scope to respond to individual needs like working from home. The customized subsidization of your commute, capital-forming benefits and a company pension scheme are further benefits for our employees.

Furthermore, we encourage extended vocational training wherever possible and are always open to participation in specialist congresses, training courses and further education.