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Digital Imaging Solutions for the Highest Standards

4K resolution, stereoscopic 3D, direct recording to formats like MXF and ProRes or the streaming of video data over Gigabit Ethernet or PCIe® cable are just some of the challenges that we have met in the past few years.

But these days it’s not just the movie makers behind blockbuster cinema who make the highest demands on professional video, camera and studio technology. Innovative companies in high-end technology fields like medical devices, digital microscopy and stereoscopy, or in areas like industrial inspection or display technology are catching up to them. For them we develop tailor-made imaging solutions of superior quality.

What We Can Do

Our many years of experience in connection with our cross-sector know-how make us ideal partners for demanding camera development. We have demonstrated this with the development of the digital system core of the ARRI ALEXA, a real Hollywood mainstay, and the complete system design of our own sinaCAM, a remote head 2D/3D camera system. Whether in 3D or 4K, we have the image processing know-how and the streaming and recording solutions to meet your technological demands.

What We Are Working On

We implement best image quality with an optimal use of resources, no matter in which field of application.

With our own algorithms for image processing steps like defective pixel correction, de-mosaicing or image enhancement we achieve excellent results using highly efficient FPGA- or software-based solutions. Our image signal processing (ISP) pipeline can be configured in flexible ways to meet your requirements regarding resolution, frame rate and number of parallel outputs. Using FPGAs we implement all common or specific input and output interfaces, from LVDS to CSI-2® up to multi-Gigabit interfaces like DisplayPort™, HDMI® or UHD-SDI. In case of customized embedded electronics solutions with SoCs, FPGAs or CPUs we support you from the selection of components to the commissioning of prototypes.

  • Complete system development of professional cameras: system architecture, component selection, commissioning, software and FPGA development
  • Complete system development of a sensor evaluation systems with multiple FPGA boards and high-speed interfaces: system architecture, component selection, commissioning, software and FPGA development
  • Development of a camera head for medical and scientific imaging with secure data transfer via fiber optics
  • Implementation of our ISP in a 3D microscope for synchronized 4K UHD output with minimal delay
  • Expansion of existing ISPs with adaptive noise reduction, 3D LUTs, progressive scaling, HDR image formats
  • Implementation of an image data compression platform on a SoC, including wrapping in Quicktime or MXF and direct recording to various media
  • Development of a frame grabber for up to 8 UHD-SDI inputs with PCIe® Gen3 x8 for assembly in a compact PC system
  • Development of a system for commissioning of display wafers with test signal generation and HDMI® input for live display
  • Development of hardware and concepts for the connection of film scanners, digital viewfinders, recording media et al.
  • Cinema & photography
  • Broadcast & TV
  • Medical and scientific imaging
  • Stereoscopy
  • Digital microscopy
  • Industrial inspection
  • Wafer testing

How We Work

Your needs are the focus of our actions. In multi-disciplinary development teams we use state-of-the-art technology to realize your vision in an efficient and high-quality manner. Our partnership-based collaboration is based on a professional project and process management with agile development methods and taking into account your time-to-market factor. Transparency and candor are as important to us as timeliness and flexibility.

  • Modular design concepts
  • Use of standard interfaces (AXI, AMBA, Wishbone), unit testing and continuous integration.
  • Agile development
  • Cutting edge FPGA and embedded design tools
  • Integration of customer requirements or workflow tools

What We Offer

In the professional video technology field, our development team offers comprehensive services from consultation and conceptualization, to design services, product development, production and display technology. In this, we gladly handle exactly those tasks that you need us for.

  • Consultation and analysis
  • Conceptualization
  • Hardware
  • FPGA
  • Embedded software
  • Camera development
  • Camera accessories
  • Display technology
  • Storage and compression devices
  • Scanners
  • Highest image quality
  • 4K resolution, stereoscopic 3D technology, high frame rates
  • Use of proven image processing modules
  • Reliable programming
  • Integration with embedded Linux®, RTOS or Asymmetric Multi Processing (AMP)

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