Embedding Your Interests –
    WebSessions at Solectrix, 01.–05. March 2021

    All WebSessions will be held in German and are of course free of charge.
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    IMAGING 01.03.2021 2:00 pm

    sinaSCOPE – the digital upgrade for stereo microscopes

    Speakers: Jürgen Steinert, Benedikt Appold – Host: Evi Reiss

    Solectrix’s sinaSCOPE is first to offer the option to use the advantages of digital 3D microscopy without having to phase out the current stock of analog microscopes.

    The upgrade kit consists of two high-quality 3K color camera heads which replace the existing oculars of the microscope, and a 15.6-inch TFT display for glasses-free 3D with an integrated image processing system made by Solectrix.

    sinaSCOPE users benefit from a new ergonomic and fatigue-free working through the unlimited handling and moving area.

    The WebSession informs interested parties and users of stereo microscopes about the technical possibilities of sinaSCOPE and shows the conversion of an analog microscope to a digital unit based on a demo system.

    Language: German

    MEDICAL 02.03.2021 10:00 am

    Cyber security for medical devices – something you should take seriously

    Speaker: Oliver Weber

    Modern devices are becoming more and more connected. This also applies for medical devices because it opens up new attractive use cases. But the more connected devices are, the more important it is to think about cyber security.

    The security incidents which became popular in recent years showed that companies suffered tremendous economic damage and that the loss of confidence in the products can last for years.

    Security is not something you can simply add to an existing device or which comes for free. Security should be considered in an early design phase. This is the “security by design” approach which has become popular in recent years.

    This WebSession will show which security aspects and regulations you should consider in your product design and what can be done to ensure security while developing the product.

    Language: German

    MEDICAL 02.03.2021 2:00 pm

    Solectrix Mobile Device Kit – a platform for mobile enterprise applications

    Speaker: Benedikt Appold

    Solectrix has many years of experience in developing professional mobile devices. Supporting our customers in developing their mobile devices is the motivation behind the SX Mobile Device Kit (MDK).

    The MDK is designed as a versatile mobile device platform. Special needs of mobile devices like low power consumption or a reliable battery supply and charging operation are considered. All areas of a product development like electronics, software, design and construction are covered.

    The WebSession will show the MDK in detail – its characteristics and the advantages for customers that start development with it.

    Language: German

    AUTOMOTIVE 03.03.2021 10:00 am

    FPGA for ADAS – Advantages of FPGA-based imaging

    Speaker: Stefan Schütz

    In the area of advanced driver assistance systems in particular, the challenge for the future will be to provide a high degree of flexibility on the level of the system architecture. FPGAs with expandable, configurable data path functions will play an important role here, which will show their advantages through flexible hardware accelerators and an optimal mix of determinism, security & safety, latency and isolation aspects.

    The WebSession will illustrate the subject of FPGA-based image processing and show the flexibility and advantages that such a solution can offer, even for later expansions regarding intelligent convenience or new ADAS functions.

    Language: German

    AUTOMOTIVE 03.03.2021 2:00 pm

    Staying ahead of the competition – a guide to successful FPGA development

    Speaker: Manuel Ott

    FPGAs offer multiple benefits when it comes to innovative and new applications throughout different industries. Within this WebSession we will discuss steps of a successful, professional FPGA development once the decision to use an FPGA has been made.

    Since one of different major topics within Solectrix is FPGA development, a huge amount of experience on this topic is present. Therefore, we will discuss various steps of such an FPGA development using examples and different tools to avoid common mistakes. These steps cover modelling the functionality ahead of the FPGA development, generating an FPGA architecture and ensuring a needed test coverage by using a test framework.

    Finally, we will talk about the prospect of FPGA development, especially when it comes to specific AI projects.

    Language: German

    HARDWARE IN THE LOOP 04.03.2021 10:00 am

    Validation of ADAS/AD functions – video grabber and playback system SX proFRAME 3.0

    Speakers: Peter Kirsch, Steffen Herbrecher – Host: Evi Reiss

    For the validation of ADAS/AD functions, driving scenes must be recorded during test drives with specific data loggers that are capable to capture and timestamp large amounts of video data from multiple cameras in real-time.

    Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) systems used in the execution of ADAS/AD validation tests must ensure that these video streams are replayed exactly in the same way they have been recorded during the test drive. Both use cases, the capturing and the replaying of multiple video streams, pose special challenges to the used video processing system.

    The new high-end video grabber and playback system SX proFRAME 3.0 by Solectrix marks a crucial step forward in video capture and replay in order to meet future challenges especially in the validation of ADAS/AD functions.

    This WebSession points out how of SX proFRAME 3.0 supports capture and replay of video data and side band signals at date rates for up to eight 4K cameras and demonstrates the operation of an SX proFRAME 3.0 in a data logging use case.

    Language: German

    INDUSTRIAL 05.03.2021 10:00 am

    SoC-based industrial modules – smartly broadening the standard

    Speaker: Lars Helbig

    System-on-Modules are the state-of-the-art solution for applications in highly technologized areas such as medical technology, the automotive industry, industrial automation, aerospace and others. Their modular approach allows for a high degree of customization on the application hardware side while offering a wide choice of standardized system cores compliant with the respective SoM format.

    This WebSession will show you how to easily transition from standard CPU modules in need of customized carriers for complicated high-end technology applications to the use of Solectrix ultra-compact modules combining CPU and FPGA in one board and their remaining need for just simple base boards.

    Language: German