November 30, 2019

BGM Award 2019

Solectrix receives BGM seal of approval “BFK – Healthy company”

We want to meet our high performance standards not only for our customers, but also for our own team.

That’s why we came up with various ideas for the health of our colleagues. Weekly fascia training, information and instructions on stress management, body analysis, training and behavior suggestions for a strong and pain-free back, nutritional coaching from personal screening to advice are just some of the past offers in which Solectrix employees have been able to participate.

In 2019, we received the „BFK – Healthy Company“ award for the variety of our health and fitness measures. This seal of approval is awarded to companies that can demonstrably implement the topics of occupational safety, psychological risk assessment and DGUV II, and that offer measures in occupational health management and health promotion for their employees.

We are delighted about this appreciation of our commitment and will of course continue to stay on the ball!