June 7, 2023

New Camera Adapter Module camAD3 DUAL CXD4966/4967 Supports Sony GVIF3

With the newly available camera adapter camAD3 DUAL CXD4966/4967, proFRAME now also supports Sony’s transmission standard GVIF (Gigabit Video Interface) in its latest generation GVIF3. The adapter can be used both for video capture (data logging) and for video replay in HiL systems.

Like GMSL™ and FPD-Link™, GVIF is also predominantly used in the automotive field, for camera systems used to realize ADAS/AD functions and for entertainment and infotainment systems. For this, the camAD3 DUAL CXD4966/4967 is equipped with two CXD4967 serializers, two CXD4966 deserializers, and four Rosenberger FAKRA connectors, two each for video input and video output. This way, two video streams can be captured – including in TAP mode („test access point“, aka „pass through“) depending on the application – or played back. Other features include supplying power to the cameras via the coax cable („Power over Coax“, PoC) and sideband/backchannel communication (I2C) for the exchange of initialization sequences and control signals.

The CXD4966/4967 deserializers/serializers used enable data rates up to 9.5 Gbps and support the common formats RAW 8/10/12/16/20 bit, YCbCr422 (YUV422) 8 bit or RGB 24 bit.

Technical data for the camAD3 DUAL CXD4966/4967 is available here.

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