October 23, 2023

proFRAME Adapters now available with Rosenberger H-MTD® connectors for STP cables

With the optional H-MTD® (High-Speed Modular Twisted-Pair Data) connectors available, the proFRAME can now be used for calibration and validation of displays where the video and control data is transmitted over STP cables (Shielded Twisted Pair), such as HMI displays, rear seat entertainment systems, or displays for mirror replacement systems.

Setup, functionality and software of the proFRAME remain identical. Only the power supply via the video data line as known from automotive cameras with coaxial connections (“Power over Coax”, PoC) is omitted with STP connections. Power is supplied to the displays via a separate line.

Typical display applications for proFRAME with H-MTD® connectors:

  1. Display validation and calibration: Transfer of a test image from a host system with a proFRAME (PCIe® or CompactPCI® Serial) to a display/DuT (Device under Test).
  2. Automated performance test of touch displays: Acquisition and transmission of a touch event via the return channel (I²C) to the validation system.
  3. Data logging: proFRAME as “man in the middle” between an automotive display and an ECU for recording video streams and touch events.

The H-MTD® option is initially available for the most common camera adapters. In principle, all adapters can be equipped with H-MTD® connectors on request.

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