• Video Grabber and Playback Systems

SX proFRAME – The Modular Solution for Video and Data Acquisition

The SX proFRAME system builds on years of experience developing Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL) systems for safety-critical automotive applications. Its modular approach building on the flexibility of a powerful FPGA core provides the perfectly matched high-end solution for your HiL needs and is ideal for rapid prototyping.

A typical system consists of an SX proFRAME base board equipped with up to four camera adapters, each with up to two inputs or outputs to cameras or ECUs. The unique range of our camera adapters allows you to connect nearly all types of automotive cameras. Adapters for other camera models or other types of data (e.g., GigE Vision, Camera Link, HD-SDI, CAN…) are available on request.


Hardware-in-the-Loop systems (HiL)

Development, diagnostics and validation of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

R&D platform for IP module development (rapid prototyping)

Simplified example setup for two cameras and one ECU






SX proFRAME Base Board


Host-PC mit PCI Express oder Compact-PCI-Serial-System

Features and Advantages

  • Base board in PCI Express or CompactPCI Serial form
  • Linux and Windows supported
  • Xilinx Artix-7 FPGA (PCIe) or Zynq UltraScale+ ZU4CG MPSoC (CompactPCI Serial)
  • Real-time processing of large amounts of data independent from other hardware requirements
  • Prepared for customer or Solectrix IP plugins
  • In-system-programming of FPGA logic for different operating modes
  • High-performance DMA engine for data transfers from/to host
  • Timestamp-based recording and playback/streaming of RAW video data
  • Recording of I2C messages between ECU and camera
  • ECU-independent I2C messaging to camera
  • Handling of a large number of data sources or targets (multiple ECUs) simultaneously
  • Synchronization of multiple cameras per base board
  • Synchronization of multiple base boards
  • Support for broadcast and nearly all types of automotive cameras via various adapters
  • Host-independent adapter management via internal softcore CPU
  • Quick integration of the latest camera models
  • Programmable pixel clock