• proFRAME Software Libraries

Software Libraries

Integration of proFRAME boards into your Windows or Linux® system is made easy by our custom software libraries. These include drivers and sources for base boards, camera and sync adapters, a GPU-accelerated software library for realization of image signal processing functions, and various simple example applications for basic camera control. Our specialists are available to support your team during the initial commissioning phase.

  • Base board drivers and sources
    • for Linux® and Windows 10
    • DMA-based for high data throughput
    • Trigger and synchronization functions
    • I2C camera control and link configuration
  • Configuration for various camera types
    • Omnivision
    • ON Semiconductor
    • Sony
    • and more
  • Camera adapter drivers and sources
    • Programmable Power over Coax (PoC)
    • Programmable pixel clock for playback modes
  • Sample applications for camera control
    • Image capturing
    • Image playback
    • I2C control
    • and more
  • Software Library
    • SX LIB proFRAME Linux x64
    • SX LIB proFRAME Windows 10 x64
    • SX LIB camAD Linux
    • SX LIB camAD Windows 10
    • SX LIB camAD SYNC
    • SX LIB CSI-2 RAW Capture/Replay

Our IP Core Expertise

  • Sensor Interfacing and Control
    • Sensor synchronization and I2C control
    • Sensor power sequencing
  • Color Processing
    • HDR, HQ, high performance
    • Log-based de-mosaicing and defective pixel correction
    • Real-time resizers, split screens, overlays
    • Edge enhancement, noise filter
    • Contrast, tonemap, color correction, AWB
  • Image Processing and Analysis
    • Hardware analyzing blocks for real-time adjustments
    • Pattern recognition
    • Stitching
    • 3D/360º processing
  • Streaming Server and Interfacing
    • Image and metadata streaming
    • Time stamp generation
    • Image CODECs

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