Capturing Multiple Camera Data Streams during a Test Drive

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) like traffic sign recognition, lane assistant, parking assistant and functions for Autonomous Driving (AD) requirea large number of vehicle sensor data in real time for operation, particularly video data from the embedded cameras, e.g., front camera or the surround view system.

For the validation of these driving functions, driving scenes must be recorded (data logging) during test drives in which the video streams of the individual cameras are captured synchronously, timestamped and stored. These driving scenes are then played back into the validating ADAS/AD ECU in a Hardware-in-the-Loop test (HiL) to verify its correct function based on real sensor data, see Use Case: Hardware-in-the-Loop (HiL).

With the proFRAME product group, Solectrix offers a high-performance modular video grabber and playback system for this which supports most common automotive cameras based on GMSL™ and FPD-Link™ and which has been used successfully in various data loggers for years.

The most recent generation proFRAME 3.0 offers two slots for camera adapters with up to 40 Gbit/s and supports the latest technologies like GMSL™3 and FPD-Link™ IV. proFRAME 3.0 enables the synchronous recording of up to eight 4K video streams incl. side band communication (I2C). The time stamping of the incoming data is handled with high precision in hardware, synchronization with additional recording devices is possible via an external trigger line. The cameras can be provided with a configurable voltage via the coaxial cable (Power over Coax, PoC).