ADAS/AD Validation with Hardware-in-the-Loop Testing

In a Hardware-in-the-Loop test of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) or Autonomous Driving (AD) functions, the respective ADAS/AD embedded control unit (ECU) is fed driving scenes in the form of video streams that were previously recorded during test drives (see Use Case: Data Logging). For the validation of the ADAS/AD functions, the precise playback of the individual video frames based on the time stamps given during recording is key.

With proFRAME, a high-performance video grabber and playback system is available, ideal for precise and synchronized playback of driving scenes in HiL systems for the validaton of ADAS/AD embedded control units. A multitude of different camera adapters enables the playback of video streams with most serializers (GMSL, FPD-Link) common on the automotive market.

The most recent generation proFRAME 3.0 offers two slots for camera adapters with up to 40 Gbit/s and supports the latest technologies like GMSL™3 and FPD-Link™ IV. proFRAME 3.0 enables the synchronous recording of up to eight 4K video streams incl. side band communication (I2C). The playback is handled either based on the time stamp information of the individual image frames or on external triggering.

For HiL systems based on the SW platforms ROS or ADTF, special integration templates in the form of ROS™ packages (ROS 2) and ADTF plugins (ADTF) are available that provide the connection of the proFRAME SW API to the respective SW platform, thus enabling quick integration of proFRAME into the HiL system.